First blog post

So, were gonna say my name is, Connor Hadley, it’s not really my name but I am definitely not telling you my real name because I do not want some old creep finding out who I am or where I live lol. I’m 17, in high school, and dealing with exactly what any other 17 year old girl is dealing with. I have guy troubles, acne troubles, b*tchy girl troubles, and the incessant pain of dealing with my hair never doing what I want it to. You’re probably thinking, wow, this is gonna be some bullsh*t blog about some loser with no life and is trying to help herself by writing it out. Well, you are about 90% right. All of it is true, except for the bullsh*t part of it. Everything I tell you is gonna be honest and true. And you might get a few laughs while you’re reading. Hope you enjoy, ily.


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